We take as much pride in our work as you do in your Healey so it's no wonder that our customers keep coming back for more. A few of our happy customers have given us their views below...

What a piece of art that you have done. I am so delighted of the new steering-wheel!

It is so great! I am thinking of to put in on my wall close to a picasso-painting instead of in the car...

Eric N.

I have to tell you that since I installed the muffler I have noticed a significant improvement in performance. This was a totally unexpected surprise but obviously must be due to the increase in back pressure with the new muffler.

testimonial new muffler

Power has improved across the rev range in every gear and not because of the 103 octane fuel I use, this is fantastic! The engine would run out of breath with the old muffler but now it wants to keep revving.

Peter C.

Thanks so much. Really appreciate the great service and all the help you have provided mate. You're a top man!

Gareth d.L

I've just tested the car with the new box and the higher final ratio. It's great!

I like the short throw and the clutch and ratios are now perfect. The all drivetrain is now fixed better on the chassis and that's a huge advantage!

Pietro T.  - 5-Speed Gearbox Kit

Hi Steve, just a quick note to let you know the gauges arrived safely and are absolutely beautiful. Hard to believe given what we started with. Many thanks.

Peter B.

Received the luggage rack already here in the “colonies”. You are amazing.

Lou. H